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Sexual and reproductive health matters are contentious. They arouse strong feelings and provoke disagreements wherever they are discussed. Despite the differences, what unites people of faith are common positions on basic human needs, aspirations and values of human dignity, noted in and affirmed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, among other international treaties and conventions. Leaving no one behind is both a driver, and an objective of the Sustainable Development Goals agenda. Since 84% of the world’s population identifies with a religious group, this document highlights some religious teachings of major world faiths which affirm an area of important population issue which intersects with sexual and reproductive health and gender equality. These Faithful Affirmations are provided by a collective of religious leaders, theologians, ‘hands-on’ programme managers in faith-based NGOs, and secular human rights actors, and trainers, who are versed in, and work with, their respective faith traditions. They are intended to be user-friendly and succinct and are the first ‘pilot’ in a series on around “Keeping the Faith” in religions and SRH and RR intersections.